Mobile selling. The New DRINKMAN Generation.

There are areas, which are particularly interesting because not everybody can reach them.
Cup-Service, the market leader in the field of mobile beverage supply, introduces the innovations of the future.

DRINKMAN Classic is now able to contain almost every little keg. Quick-Change shortens the quick stops and Tatonka’s X1-system guarantees ultimate wearing comfort. A completely new concept of isolation from EPP improves the
temperature values – hot stays hot, cold stays cold.

DRINKMAN Vario3 is the first mobile dispensing system for up to 3 different beverages from the same backpack system. Three times 5 liters offers hundreds of possibilities.

World novelty (patent pending) Vario3 in the version “Coffee” dispenses mobile cappuccino and latte macchiatto with authentic milk foam. Without electricity, whenever and wherever you want.

That’s what we call mobile.

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